The Haunted Girl, Poetry and Short Stories

21 poems and 5 stories that explore the borders between dream and reality, horror and fantasy, past present future, this world and other realms.

Available as paperback and e-book from Aqueduct Press and Amazon.

Anthologies including my work

Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation — “Readers who’ve had their fill of dystopian fiction will want to explore these more positive futures.” —Publishers Weekly

Mythic Delirium Volume 1 — “Rich word choices and settings that blend speculative concepts with quotidian reality highlight this stellar anthology of prose and poetry from well-known editor Mike Allen (Clockwork Phoenix) and his wife and copublisher, Anita Allen … This anthology is a winner from cover to cover.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

Here, We Cross —  22 queer and genderfluid poems from the digital pages of Stone Telling magazine. This chapbook is a celebration of speculative poetry that is diverse and varied; here you will find poems with speakers or protagonists who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, genderqueer, trans*, asexual, and neutrois; speakers who struggle with the body and the society’s imposed readings of that body. It is a painful book, a triumphant book, full of works that soar and breathe and live. Just like us.

The Moment of Change: An Anthology of Feminist Speculative Poetry

Fungi — A collection of fungal wonders…and terrors. In this new anthology, writers reach into the rich territory first explored by William Hope Hodgson a century ago: the land of the fungi.

WisCon Chronicles 7: Shattering Ableist Narratives — In science fiction and fantasy, just as in the world we all inhabit, disability is often misunderstood, maligned, and disregarded…In the spirit of WisCon’s continuing mission to boldly go where no con has gone before in breaking down barriers, this volume seeks to smash ableist narratives that keep disabled people from full participation in the present we inhabit and the speculative futures we hope to create.

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