Poetry Introduction for Uncanny‘s special issue, Disabled People Destroy Fantasy

Introduction to Algorithmic Shapeshifting by Bogi Takács, Aqueduct Press

“The Pen Is the Sword: Sara Estela Ramirez, the Revolutionary as Poet.” Presented at Sirens Conference, Denver, CO, October 2, 2015. Forthcoming in Sirens compendium.

“Dead Man Not Walking: Bobby Singer’s Paralysis and Repair on Supernatural,” WisCon Chronicles 7: Shattering Ableist Narratives.

“A Crack in its Speak: Fantastic Birds in the Gothic Country Lyrics of Jay Munly,” Stone Telling 8.

“Litanies in the Dark: The Poetry of Alfonsina Storni,” Stone Telling 2.

“Listening to the Lost, Speaking for the Dead: Speculative Elements in the Poetry of Gabriela Mistral” Stone Telling 1.

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