News & Appearances

October 2017: poem “Vanished” is forthcoming from and short story “By the Mother’s Trunk” is forthcoming from Fireside Fiction.

August 2017: poem “Strandbeest Dreams,” cowritten with José M. Jimenez, now available in Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation.

October 21, 2016: Sirens conference in Denver, CO. Presented “How to Read a Poem.”

November 6, 2015: New poems in Uncanny Magazine and Interfictions. Click on the “Selected Poetry and Fiction” tab for links.

October 2, 2015: Sirens conference in Denver, CO. Presented “The Pen Is the Sword: Sara Estela Ramirez, the Revolutionary as Poet.”

My poem “The Skin-Walker’s Wife” appears in the Queers Destroy Horror! special issue of Nightmare Magazine.

Also, my poem “Levity” is now available to read at Through the Gate.

March 23, 2015: Nebula-nominated author, editor of Goblin Fruit, and NPR reviewer Amal El-Mohtar reviewed The Haunted Girl for Lightspeed magazine:

“There is a theme, throughout the collection, of false prisons and false escapes, reflections on who and where one is and where one’s going. … at the collection’s core: resistance to norms, to imposition, be they of language, sexuality, or mortality. There is a sharpness, a sting to most of these poems, of the kind that makes you hiss and then seek it out again. I loved the collection’s bilingualism, both in the presence of Spanish and the musings on being between languages, on the thermodynamics of translation…”

December 5: Author and translator David Bowles reviewed The Haunted Girl for my hometown newspaper, The Monitor: “Bradley possesses a real gift for language and unflinching insight into the best and worst of human nature.” At Stone Telling, editor and author Alex Dally MacFarlane has also reviewed the collection.

10/11/2014: The Mythic Delirium anthology is now available for purchase on Amazon. Mythic Delirium volume 1 includes my creepy Southern Gothic poem “Backbone of the Home.” Publisher’s Weekly gave the book a starred review and said: “This anthology is a winner from cover to cover.”

10/2/2014: My poem “Golden Age” appears in issue 11 of the online journal Devilfish Review.

9/22/2014: My poem “Love Letters for the Itinerant” appears in the inaugural issue of Liminality.

9/4/2014: The Haunted Girl is now available for purchase from Aqueduct Press.

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