News & Appearances

May 25-29, 2023: At WisCon 46, you can catch me on Saturday leading the roundtable discussion “Goncharov and Other Collaborative Public Art” at 7:30p in Conference 4. After that, I’ll be participating in the Fantasy Magazine Reading at 9:00p in Conference 2.

March 2023: I will be attending WisCon 46, May 26-29.

November 2022: I have joined the Strange Horizons staff as a poetry editor. To see when I am reading submissions, visit the poetry submission guidelines. Also, Decoded #3 is now available for purchase as a PDF.

June 2022: My short story “All Shall Know Their Appointed Time” appears in Decoded #3, a story-a-day pride anthology produced by

March 2022: My flash fiction-poetry hybrid “Collecting Ynes” is now available to read in Fantasy Magazine.

January 2022: The enhanced audiobook version of Exile is now available from GraphicAudio. What makes it an “enhanced” audiobook? GraphicAudio creates “A Movie in Your Mind” using a full cast of actors, sound effects, and cinematic music. I’m really excited that Exile will be reaching a whole new audience of readers!

Also, since this is award nomination season, I created a Twitter thread listing my eligible works from 2021.

December 2021: My epic poem (or short story in verse) “The Catfish Sisters” is now available to read in the December issue of Mermaids Monthly.

November 2021: My short story “Men In Cars,” which originally appeared in Anathema: Spec from the Margins, is reprinted in the November issue of Lightspeed Magazine.

October 2021: I will be presenting a paper titled “Taking the Measure of Madness,” about assessing representations of mental illness in speculative literature, at Sirens (Denver, CO) at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, October 22, 2021, in Alpine 3.

September 2021: My short story “Tía Abuela’s Face, Ten Ways” is featured on the podcast LeVar Burton Reads. As a kid who grew up watching Reading Rainbow, this is a dream come true! Listen here.

June 2021: Speculative Fiction for Dreamers, the Latinx anthology including my short story “Tía Abuela’s Face, Ten Ways,” received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly, which called the book “a knockout” and lauded its “38 masterful stories.” The book can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Now in addition to a Ko-fi account, I have a Patreon account.  Whether you’re looking to buy me a virtual cuppa coffee or want to support my work on a month-to-month basis, I’ve tried to make it an easier process. Although the Patreon is focused on art journaling and poetry, the funds it brings in ensure I can write novels and short stories, too–anything my muse dictates!

January 2021: Climbing Lightly Through Forests, A Poetry Anthology Honoring Ursula K. Le Guin, edited by R.B. Lemberg and myself, is now available for purchase as paperback or ebook via the publisher, Aqueduct Press;; Amazon; and many fine bookstores.  I recommend A Room of One’s Own.

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