Welcome to Exile


Twenty years ago, a toxic spill in the southwest Texas town of Exile struck residents with permanent rage. Now, only those who pass the feds’ 4-S test can escape Exile’s heavily fortified borders. Heidi Palermo, unwilling medic to her family of bloodthirsty street warriors, has taken the test repeatedly, trying to prove she’s smart, strong, sterile, and sane. Three out of four ain’t bad, but the feds don’t grade on a curve.

“Sharp, smart and provocative, Exile grabs you from the first page and never lets go.”  –Sabrina Vourvoulias, author of Ink

When her abusive brother dies in battle, Heidi turns her clinical eye to his killer. An Outsider who arrived post-spill, Tank seems open to Heidi’s advances. Is Tank her ticket out of Exile?

“…the community and complex relationships within Exile are as gripping as the action sequences. Heidi is a fascinating narrator whose flaws and strengths are equally compelling.” –Julia Rios, editor, Fireside Magazine

Once Heidi hooks up with Tank, she must keep her family’s blood feud from triggering war with the feds. But Tank’s about as trusting as Heidi is monogamous—which is to say, not at all. So Heidi’s picked the wrong mark, her family is gunning for her, and the feds are itching to nuke Exile once and for all. Heidi’s got her fourth S now: